2019 PaleyFest NY Video on Demand Package

2019 PaleyFest NY Video on Demand Package

Enjoy the magic of PaleyFest NY 2019 with full panel discussions featuring stars and creators from our annual festival in New York. Your package will be available for 30 days after after purchase.

New Amsterdam
The Kominsky Method
Search Party
Star Trek: Discovery
Robot Chicken
Aaron Sorkin

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2019 PaleyFest NY Video on Demand Package

7 Videos

  • PaleyFest NY 2019: Dateline - Morrison Hears a Who

    At PaleyFest NY on October 14, 2019, the correspondents discuss various violent stories that they have covered, and the ways in which their own lives have been impacted.

  • PaleyFest NY 2019: New Amsterdam

    At PaleyFest NY on October 15, 2019, the cast and creators of New Amsterdam share difficult moments from the show's first season and reflect on how the show is impacting the fans -- and vice versa -- as season two gets underway.

  • PaleyFest NY 2019: The Kominsky Method - Acting Up

    At PaleyFest NY on October 11, 2019, cast member/executive producer Michael Douglas explains how creator Chuck Lorre is responsible for almost all of the show's content; cast members Jane Seymour and Paul Reiser both talk about aging up for their roles.

  • PaleyFest NY 2019: Search Party

    At PaleyFest NY on October 7, 2019, cast members Brandon Micheal Hall (Julian Marcus), John Early (Elliott Goss), and John Reynolds (Drew Gardner) discuss the joys and challenges of working on their show, including interacting with their "fervent" fans, the Internet, and the people of New York.

  • PaleyFest NY 2019: Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

  • PaleyFest NY 2019: Robot Chicken

    At PaleyFest NY on October 5, 2019, the creators/voice actors of Adult Swim's stop-motion animated series Robot Chicken discuss audience reception, advances in production technology, and changes in the cultural landscape of cool.

  • The 20th Anniversary of The West Wing: A Look Back with Aaron Sorkin